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[Important Notice] Regarding fraudulent emails from Booking.com | OTHER SPACE
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[Important Notice] Regarding fraudulent emails from Booking.com

Recently, an unauthorized person has been accessing Booking.com

reservations, and the following problems have been confirmed with the

reservations of some HOTEL K3 asakusa customers.

・Possibility of leakage of personal information contained in accommodation

reservation information

・E-mails that our hotel did not intend may be sent to our customers.

In our response, we asked Booking.com to promptly investigate and report its


We have also notified the police authorities.

We are constantly communicating with affected customers to alert them.

Please do not access links displayed in emails from Booking.com, and if you do

not recognize the content, please contact Booking.com or the hotel.

We do not send emails requesting payment or directing you to other sites

without a legitimate reason, so if you receive such an email, please refrain from

accessing other sites or making payments. Please note earnestly.